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Yomp VAP is going from strength to stre

ngth at the moment. We have been out at a number of photo shoots and making videos for our clients left, right and centre. It’s been an exciting time.
In particular, we were up at the impressive JCB Headquarters with Brad Burton, who is, the UK’s no 1 motivational speaker. Brad had asked us personally to come along to the event and film the day for him. The event was being held by JCB, encouraging people to beco

me their own boss and Yomp VAP were right in the midst of it having a front row ticket to seeing B

We’re pleased to say that we think Brad was rather happy with our work, and we’re looking forward to future projects for Brad and also the 4Networking group.rad Burton at w

Have a look at our Yomp VAP page to see what our brilliantly talented Yomplings can do.ork. The video is in the middle of being Yomp-ified at the moment and we will upload this as soon as it’s in so stay tuned.

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