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May 7th, 2014

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Yes but did you get a picture with Kelvin Newman?

brighton seoIt was that time again, Thursday 24th April 2014 fellow SEO’ers/Digital Marketers all sped down the M25 to the beautiful Brighton Dome for what was anticipated to be another extremely successful BRIGHTON SEO Conference.

Having been to Brighton SEO since the dawn of time, we at Yomp Marketing have seen it grow stronger and stronger, not only in the topic of content that is discussed but quite literally in the number of people that attend.

From something that Kelvin Newman, organiser of Brighton SEO from Site Visibility describes as what was once something that started around a kitchen table to now having Content Marketers fly from America and Australia all the way to sunny little Brighton in England it’s phenomenal.

The atmosphere is always buzzing, everyone’s excited to hear about the latest update in the industry, witnessing the mass increase in knitted cardigans and man bags whilst expecting to hear something dramatic about the latest Panda update that has no doubt happened in the last month – thanks Google (keeps us Digital Marketing Agencies on our toes).

There were many great speakers throughout the day however by far one of my favourites was ‘Vicke Cheung – Tips for designing great content’.

This talk was extremely close to my heart as she was explaining ‘down to the tee’ what we do at Yomp Marketing and how important it is to create content through design – she went into great detail explaining how in her company the design process works, briefing designers, making sure that you have grasped every detail the client is looking for.. But more importantly how to create something that can stand the test of time, how to create content through design.

We are very used to creating all sorts of content for our clients at Yomp, our aim is to ensure that this content is going to be as successful as possible and also be able to be used across multiple platforms (medias) multiple times.

What were Vicke’s Key points?  

  1. Visual research – to create a moodboard using websites such as Pinterest.
  2. Research is key – to spend 15 – 30 minutes gathering images – not to be too precious.
  3. Refine and analyse your research (what do you like about these images? What do they say to you? What’s the message? – colour, style, what you like/don’t like).
  4. Create shared boards for more input/liaise with a colleague, get someone else’s opinion.
  5. What format will your content take i.e Infographic, Blog post, Brochure download
  6. Create design brief – colour, font, responsive layouts.
  7. Feedback stage – use Trello or Realtime board. This allows you to visually cross-collaborate with other colleagues.
  8. Quality assurance testing – thorough browser/platform (Browserstack) and device (Responsinator) testing

She also went into further detail as to where you could find good fonts – Some great examples were ‘Webfonts,, Google Fonts and Font Squirrel.

How images and text go best together?

She went into further detail to explain that we must use big, photographic images that are engaging, emotive and tell a story… Otherwise, why would be buy into it?

Some great sites to look at for ‘non-shutterstocky’ photography are Stocksy and Creative Commons.

Her overall message was that consistency is key, and in this industry she is extremely correct, ensuring that fonts, images and icons all follow the same style, also, if you didn’t already know Google has a ‘Visual Assets Guidelines’ that all web creators/designers should follow to ensure that your web is as ‘Google friendly’ (User friendly) as possible.

Who else spoke at the event?

  • Stacey Cavanagh – The habits that land you links
  • Patrick Hathaway – Cool shit you can do with WordPress
  • Tim Grice – Engagement & brand awareness as ranking signals

The biggest thing we  took away from this event was that Google are now so ‘on it’ in terms of ranking your websites organically in Google. What else can we do to ensure that your website will be LOVED by Google and Search engines?

  • Create high quality content.
  • Ensure that you have clear, high quality calls to action running through your site – clearly stating why you’re there and what you are offering your customers, be it purely informative, or salesy, whatever it is, make sure you’re creating genuine content that your users will ENJOY reading. Don’t just create mumbo jumbo for the sake of it – Google will be onto you!
  • Clear navigation – make sure that navigating around your site is easy and user friendly.
  • Speed – make sure that your website loads quickly, if it is slow this will also affect your sites overall performance/bounce rate.
  • Use Webmaster tools.
  • Make sure that your keywords are relevant! Rank for keywords that you personally as a business want to target and that are specific to your business – not keywords that you ‘feel you probably should’ rank for.
  • Set your business goals on keywords you would like to rank on the first page for, be realistic, do your competitor research and watch those pages rise!
  • Most panda issues can now be solved through better engagement on your site – if you comply with all of the above you will have an engaging fun site that people will enjoy visiting, it’s a popularity parade, Google want to show off only the best sites so make sure your customers enjoy visiting yours.

2014 – the year of building better websites!

Yomp Marketing loved Brighton SEO this year and cannot wait for the next one – plus, Emma had a photo op with Kelvin which was very exciting! Thank you so much to Kelvin and the team at Site Visibility for once again arranging what turned out to be an extremely successful conference, we’ll be attending Measure Fest on the 22nd May in London – we look forward to seeing fellow Digital Marketers there!

For more information on anything that IS Digital Marketing contact us at Yomp, email [email protected], follow us on Twitter @Yomp_marketing or give us a call on 0203 137 1698.

Kind Regards

The Yomp Team 

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