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June 13th, 2011


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Where to Find Free Photo Stocks

Professional photography is something that can make your website and blog look like the most exciting thing in the world no matter what these websites and blogs are actually about.  However, sometimes photographs of a professional level can be way too expensive. Fortunately, nowadays you can find amazing stock photos on the Internet for free. To find these incredible photos, all it takes is to know exactly where to look. The following are the eight places to find such stock photos for free;  these can be used for your website, blog or any other form of marketing you may have.


They call them the leading site when it comes to online and free stock photos and they are not wrong. They have a library which holds the largest database of such photos and is comprised of approximately 400,000 photos. You will need an account, which can be signed up for free to download the stock photos. With the least amount of restrictions they provide you with the best service. One of the restrictions is that you will have to leave a thanks comment for the photographer, telling him where the photo was used.


Although this might not be ranked as the biggest stock photo database, it does possess the most interesting images. A person named as Jim thought of a technique to share his excess online stock photos with persons who might find it useful for their purposes. Among many other advantages the two that outshine all the others are that firstly it doesn’t require any signup at all, not even for downloading purposes and secondly, you can search photos by colours or even tags.

Morgue File:

Morguefile is known for its largest database of stock photos. It has a library of photos that include files of old newspaper clippings as well as journalism photos. It has an option to create accounts yet it is not compulsory to do so. The best feature they provide is that you can crop the photos, trim down photo sizes and insert codes that will presentthe photo.

Photo Rogue:

Although this is one of the smallest databases as it possesses a few hundred images, it allows its users to request for customized photos. However, it is not necessary that all your demands will be fulfilled but it is a great service as such photo stocking is provided by no one else.

Open Photo:

Open Photo provides you  with photos for free that are searchable by their individual tags and other categories. They follow distribution models of Creative Commons as they are very artistic and are widespread. They have convenient codes which are used to give credit to the photographer. These codes can be also linked to images directly.

Free Range Stock:

Free Range Stock has thousands of images published by them and hundreds submitted by users which make it into a great big database. Selectionand search from this library is based on photos and textures. You may require an account to download these photos, which you can create for free.

Every Stock Photo:

This site consists of database that is made up of various other companionships which consists of several of thousands of photos. Some of these companionships are mentioned above too. This is actually a stock photo engine rather than a site for stock photos only and it requires you to sign in to various sites where you will find the complete photo library for your use.

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