Written by Richard Woods
June 17th, 2011


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What Makes A Website From Ordinary to Extra Ordinary

Almost everyone owns a website these days irrespective of their size or nature. Have you ever thought of the reason what makes you stay on a website after you have clicked on it?Well, mostly they are the graphics that catches your attention but it is the content that keeps you glued.

Your website’s content is very crucial and is the point where you can spotlight your audience’s attention. The basic point where you should focus to grasp your readers is by concentrating on grammar, spellings and choice of words. If you are not successful in avoiding these basis errors it can be a great turn off for your website which may work adversely for your business.

Although copywriting seems easy but creating content for your sites is not as easy and requires professional help. The following are the tips that can help you make your website extra ordinary by giving it an edge.

Short is Good

Keeping your website short is something that you need to put on the top of your list. As much as keeping it short is important you need to take the same care when it comes to choosing the right words. For a mathematical calculation you can take your website to be about a half of the print that you have published. Remember keeping your paragraphs short is also necessary.

Vigilant Choice of Words

Being very descriptive is something you must stay away from while writing your website. Using long descriptive words not only will mean that your message might not be 100% understood by your readers, but it also means you are digressing from the point you are trying to make.

Organise Your Site

The organisation of your site is key. Design your site in a way that you start with the basics and then later increase the complexity of design and text. Do not forget to include keywords as they willdivert traffic for your site. Design yoursite in a way that you make it easy for your prospective customers to explore it. Although you can include details in the inner pages but again try to be reader-friendly.

Include Headings and Subheadings

The trick to keep your readers glued and interested is to include headings and subheadings in your content. Subheadings can do wonders to all types of content. This technique will also help you cut your paragraphs short. Also something to keep in the back of your mind; your font size also matters in making your customers stay on your site so use fonts appropriately too.

Check and Re Check Your Content

Checking and proof reading your content again and again is really important. Many times correcting these errors is tricky and may require you to consult a grammar guide. Supplying content that is polished and free of all spelling and grammatical error will improve the reputation and standard of your website vast amounts.

Avoiding the Use of Exclamation Marks!

Exclamation marks can be annoying for some people. Some people think that their use will enhance the sales pitch but this is not true.

These techniques will certainly help readers stick to your site and many times these visitors may conclude to be your valued customers whose loyalty can be seen for long periods.

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