Written by Richard Woods
June 28th, 2011


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Tips on Getting Your Web Page Rank a Boost

As a rule of thumb, a web page’s popularity depends on how many users visit it. The higher the SEO optimization the higher it will rank.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the SERP’s ranking system doesn’t settle for anything less than quality SEO optimized pages. Remember, it is not how your site racks up against others; it is what you do with it that counts. A well made and quality optimized web page can do more than just boost rankings.

Here are some effective SEO optimization tips

These are my five top tips for building page rank:

Press Releases

If you have never resorted to press releases before it is better that you start doing it now. You aim should be to make interesting what you have to say. It is also a cheap resource. You can pay someone like pressreleasepoint for distribution. If you catch someone’s eye chances are that can get published allowing for back links that can have readers link back too your site and boost your brand.

Blogs can Go a long Way

You can also incorporate blogs into your site by using WordPress. The best thing about WordPress is that it has a “ping list” capable of immediately notifying the web as soon as you put up new blogs. If your blog is attractive or even controversial enough to attract someone’s fancy, chances are that others might be too. This might compel users to keep re-posting your blog hereby creating more back links to your website.

Give others a Helping Hand

You can also comment on other people’s blogs if possible. You can also pingback links to your website if they allow you to. If you wan you can also use Yahoo! Answers to give people feedback hereby creating more natural back links to your website.

Social Media

Having your quality content published on social media sites like Facebook can go a long way. If you are lucky your content might win an award. Even if you don’t the quality content will still be available on these sites for all to see and admire. Who knows? You might end up building up your own following and yes, more back links.

It is important to note that these strategies are designed to boost your web site’s ranking. Remember, search engines like Google do not settle for anything less than refined SEO optimized sites in their ranking system.

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