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Our Top Takeaways from the Content Marketing Show

Content Marketing ShowThe Yomp team were on the road again last week (you can read all about our previous trips to The Franchise Show and Brighton SEO on our blog) and this time we were at The Content Marketing Show in London. We picked up loads of helpful tips and techniques, so here are our top five takeaways to help you on your content marketing journey:

Preparation Is Key

Before you even think about writing content for your website, you need to be prepared. Take the time to fully research what it is you are writing about, and find out what your target audience respond well to in order to see the best results and generate the most interest in your content.

Curation, not Creation

You don’t always need to create content. Pinterest and Tumblr are two of the fastest growing social media platforms; posting pre-existing content relevant to your brand on them can have a positive effect. Curation is a viable alternative to creation, so long as it is engaging, interesting and relevant to your target market and niche.

The Importance of Video

Video is becoming a hugely important element of content marketing. Arguably the whole point of content marketing is to get the highest Google ranking, and putting a video on your homepage means that your brand is 50 times more likely to appear on the top page of Google.

Think Globally

In many countries, people only have access to the internet via their mobile phones. If you are sharing content on the internet, it is vitally important to consider these people – by creating content or an application suitable for use on handheld devices you are reaching a far wider audience than just desktop.

Define Your Objectives

Before creating content, make sure you define your objectives – think about why you are writing this content, who you are writing it for, and what you want your end result to be. Never lose sight of these things, and use them to produce work that consistently generates the results you want.

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