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Oct - Lead Generation Report Total Leads Generated

Written by Richard Woods
December 2nd, 2016

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October Lead Generation Report

October Lead Generation Synopsis by Richard Woods – Managing Director at Yomp Marketing

Each month we add up all of the business enquiries we generate for our clients (Leads) and discuss in detail the highlights, areas to improve and award a stand out campaign.

*NB: The leads we generate are primarily for high end business services and therefore a client who receives 20 hot targeted leads may consider this a good month. A good example is for our Recruitment or Accounting clients who are delighted with circa 20 – 30 good quality leads.

Executive Summary

I am pleased to say we have seen another record breaking month at Yomp, with more leads than we have ever produced for our clients before. I pushed the team to get over the 1,500 mark and I am delighted to say they responded with a great result.

October 2016 Monthly Leads

The top level result was:
Last month – September 2016 =1,460

This Month – October 2016 = 1,643


Our Film and TV Extra’s AgencyMad Dog Casting had a record month this month, with a number of new campaigns going out and a new app to start to get ready to promote, we were delighted with the interest we were able to produce for them for both extras and clients.

October also saw the launch of a new job board client which we are extremely excited to be adding to our lead generation client base. More on them will follow in the next few months.

With the student season starting to slow, our top performer from the last two months, Urba-Life, was going to naturally see a dip in leads, but it was nowhere near what we expected, which we have put down to increased focus on this campaign to make sure every last student was found and converted into a potential tenant.

Areas to Improve

Facebook LIVE and Periscope have been used a number of times for clients during their video shoots. The live coverage shows our clients talking about the shoot, the behind the scenes, the film crew, etc…

This has created some further engagement on Facebook and Periscope, plus priming the audience for what is to come. I think this could be a great addition and something that we will need to streamline and build out as part of the campaign.

How did Yomp do?

At Yomp we also put ourselves onto a Digital TrailBlazer Campaign – We call it ‘Drinking our own Kool-Aid!’ Our results were as follows:

October results were steady, but we did see a spike in sign up to the 30 Leads in 30 Days Challenge at the end of the month, which we attribute to the increased interest due to the start of The Apprentice and our strategically timed new website launch on the day of the first show. I was really pleased to see that work so well.

The new website also has a number of new sign up forms for the 3 services we offer – Lead Generation, Branding and Websites, we are now able to split these results out, which I will publish as part of this report:

Total Yomp Leads for the month were as follows:

Last month – September = 69

This month – October = 94

  • #30Leads30Days = 39
  • Digital TrailBlazer 3 Digital Assets = 6
  • Yomp InfoPack Websites = 8
  • Yomp InfoPack Branding = 2
  • Yomp InfoPack Lead Gen = 5
  • Yomp Contact Us = 1
  • Yomp Tracking Telephone No. = 33
    Yomp Total = 94

Stand Out Lead Generation Campaign

The Campaign that gets the honour of best campaign is still Urba-Life for the third month in a row, which although was about 60 leads less, they still showed outstanding volumes for the time of year and I am really proud of all involved for the work they put in.

Last Word…

A record breaker – well done gang, now let push towards the 2,000 target

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