Facebook Advertising - Part 2 Fuel your Marketing Strategy

Written by Andy Simpson
November 7th, 2016

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How important is Facebook for your business? – Part 2

Last Friday I published Part 1 of this Facebook Advertising topic – which you can read here, I’d highly recommend reading this before continuing.

I’ve detailed the fundamentals of why Facebook is important to have in your marketing strategy, so let’s get to the good stuff.

Take a minute to think about your ideal client – you can be picky because Facebook allows you to be, and then think about the goal of your advert campaign, what is it you are looking to do on your ad campaign, what is the marketing objective? Set a measurable target, if its measurable then it can be improved. What are you looking for the advert to do for you? Page post engagement? Page Likes? Clicks to your Website? App Installs? Video Views? Local Awareness? There is a large set of Advert goals available via the Adverts Manager that you can choose from.

Facebook Advertising - Marketing Objective

Facebook Advertising – Marketing Objective

OK – so you’ve got your ideal client, and your objective, so how are you going to make your advert stand out? Make sure you stick to the following set of guidelines:

  • Advert Images – 600px x 314px or 1200px x 628px
  • Use awesome images and when you do, test different images
  • Images should contain no more than 20% text
  • Advert Headline – max 25 characters, make it engaging!
  • Advert Body – max 90 characters, be sure to get your point across.
  • Always track your advert with Facebook Pixel!
  • Always use Power Editor (I’ll touch on this at the end)

Hang on, what on earth is a Facebook Pixel!?

Facebook Pixel is a small piece of JavaScript code that you, or your website developer adds to your website to track visits. This allows you to track data and also advertise to the users that have visited your website at a later date, which is known as retargeting.

Facebook Advertising - Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is now in its second evolution, you were previously able to create several pixels and perform different tasks on different pixels, however, in 2015 Facebook created the ‘One Facebook Pixel to rule them all’ (notice the geeky Lord of The Rings reference) which has optimisation, retargeting and conversions all in one.

Using the Facebook pixel, you can leverage the actions that people take on your website across different devices to inform more effective Facebook advertising campaigns. Now this all might seem a bit confusing, but Facebook has created a dedicated area on its website to troubleshoot anything to do with Facebook Pixel here and of course i’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The power of the Facebook Pixel will become more apparent when you first use it, and it will instantly become an essential part of your Marketing Campaign & Strategy, it will help you gain better results than ever before, and what’s great is that its also really easy to set up.

Let’s move on to targeting your audience, and one of my personal favourites, raising local awareness.

Imagine if you could advertise anywhere in the world you wanted, at any time, advertise to exactly who you wanted to, and even right in front of your direct competitors. The power of Facebook Advertising lets you do just that. Lets paint a picture;

You run a motorcycle apparel company, and you have a new product you wish to launch. So you take my advice and use Facebook Advertising to help gain awareness of your product. There is an exhibition event running, in Central London, and at that event, one of your direct competitors is exhibiting. With Facebook Advertising, you can target the exact same audience that your competitor is targeting at that exhibition.

Facebook gives you the power to choose who you want to target, lets say, Male and Female, between the age of 21 and 60, have an interest in motorcycles and motorcycle apparel. Excellent, so you’ve started to target the same crowd – but what about the people who are visiting that exhibition and have a genuine interest in purchasing a product.

Queue the AWESOME and enter the Facebook ‘Drop Pin’ – You can drop a location pin, directly on top of the venue that is holding the exhibition and set a specific radius surrounding the venue. This allows you to serve your advert directly to the potential customers in that venue and the surrounding radius you set. The power of this tool is unbelievable. You are targeting new potential customers that are interested in your product sector based on your selections, and potentially taking them right from under the noses of your competitors.


This tool is like dynamite, like shooting fish in a barrel. It allows you to become a ‘Facebook Advertising Superhero’. The people that are sat on Facebook while eating their lunch or passing time at that event, are seeing your advert in their news feed, which lets not forget, you have made perfect, with the right pictures with less than 20% of text, you’ve used a high quality image at the correct size, an engaging headline and engaging advert body text and you’ve made sure you are using a Facebook Pixel to track what is happening with your advert.

Thats right – you’ve just become the Tony Stark of the Facebook Advertising world! I do need to point out that this will only target users on Mobile Devices within the set radius of the location.

OK – enough of the Superhero comic references. I mentioned something about Instagram, and the 500 Million monthly users that it has. Sorry, did I forget to mention that you can get Facebook to post your ad on Instagram at the same time as Facebook, at no extra cost. Facebook Advertising and Instagram go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches, they smash it out of the park. So not only are you managing to target the users on Facebook, you’re getting Instagram in there as well, no hidden fees, no hassle, just a whole lot of awesome!

Now that you’ve got an insight to the power on Facebook Advertising, you’re probably wondering how you can supercharge this even more? When creating any Facebook Advert, you need to ensure you are using the ‘Power Editor’. Facebook designed the power editor to allow the users to create, edit and publish multiple adverts at once and have precise control over their Ad Campaigns.

In October this year, Facebook also enabled the ability to create multiple ad sets with different custom audiences, locations and age segments all in one place. You can find the Power Editor here.

Facebook Advertising Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor Dashboard

Within the Power Editor, you can filter options to see what you really want to see, and focus on the ads that are important to you at the time as well as set the columns and metrics you wish to see at any time as well.

Get creative!

The Facebook Advertising platform gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you would like, and until you publish the advert, its not costing you anything apart from your time. Think outside the box, post your adverts on your competitors premises, and local events, experiment with specific demographics, demographics that your competitors are using, but overall, start getting your product(s) or service(s) in front of the right people.

So lets answer the main question – How important is Facebook Advertising to your business?

The Facebook Advertising platform is currently a huge untapped resource of fresh new leads and potential clients and or customers for your business. You are provided with a set of tools to unlock the door to a new aspect of advertising that you haven’t tried before, that you can control and you can set your budget for, it can be as cheap or as expensive as you wish it to be, but more importantly, it gives you an opportunity to target exactly who you want to target and allows you to choose specific target audiences for different products or services.

It helps to alleviate any email marketing problems you may have, theres no limiting how many people the adverts are served to, theres no ‘opt in’ in for the recipients, there’s no option to unsubscribe and you are targeting your existing database all over again without them knowing.

It goes without saying even based on this relatively small insight, that moving in to 2017, Facebook Advertising is a tool that needs to have a place in every business’ Marketing Strategy. If you have any questions or even need a helping hand with Facebook Advertising and the benefits it can have for your business, you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

So the answer is – Facebook Advertising is extremely important to your business, it will change your Marketing Strategy as a whole and revolutionise your advertising process.

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