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Online Video in a Digital United Kingdom

For as long as I can remember now, there has been some aspect of ‘Digital’ impact on my life. Be this my first mobile phone back in 1997 (for those of you who want a giggle, it was a Nokia 5110), or the influence that the digital world now has on my purchasing decisions (which is infact ZMOT). Because of the industry I work in, I have been immersed in the digital world for some time, but have never really taken a moment to step back and take a true look at just how ‘Digital’ the UK now is. We’ve all seen it, we cant hide from it, and most of us, well, we either work in it or use it at work, but I don’t think we really grasp how big a deal this is.

Whilst doing my usual weekend trawl of the internet, I came across something which really got me thinking about what I do day in day out for my clients, and how aware we all are of the possibilities available to us. A recent study has identified that 82% of the population in the UK are internet users [source] and a whopping 65.1% of the population are now Digital video viewers. Now since the birth of YouTube in Feb 2005, video has well and truly taken control of the digital media we consume day in and day out, and a white paper published by Cisco stated that by 2017, 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be Video – and thats actually not far off!

Video Marketing Digital United Kingdom


But why is video so popular? I believe there is a few reasons;

Video is naturally engaging, if a picture paints a thousand words, then how many does a video portray?  I strongly believe that when it comes to sales and engagement for SME’s and the ‘buying moment’, that B2C and B2B don’t have as much of an importance any more, its purely about H2H (Human to Human) now, and video gives that human element.

Video also fulfils the desires of the viewer, it satisfies their information and entertainment needs in an instant. 

YouTube (the second biggest online search engine) receives more than one billion unique visitors every month, and one in three Britons view at least one online video a week – that’s a weekly audience of more than 20 million people in the UK alone. Video can give you access to that audience and a ‘slice of the pie’.

I also believe that one of the main reasons that video is so popular in driving the UK to its truly ‘Digital’ status, is it’s ease of access. There is billions of hours of video on the world wide web, and over 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute [source] and its all available on your mobile devices and desktops. And to make it even more accessible, it is shared on Social Media channels in a viral state.  The same report I mentioned earlier has found that 49.3% of the UK population are Facebook users, thats over 32 million people, so you can imagine that the video content gorged upon on the platform on a daily basis is a stratospheric amount. The ease of accessibility to all of this video content is also helped by the amount of the population that has the social media apps installed on their smart phone and or tablet.

How can you take advantage of a ‘Digital United Kingdom’ using Video?

Approximately half of businesses in the UK even us at Yomp, have adopted using Video in their marketing strategies, and through the strategies that I use day in day out for our clients, the usual way of doing this is to use their Social Media channels and other marketing channels as leverage to get in front of either their current client’s and or potential clients. Video done correctly can have a huge impact on your business and that is due to the potential reach of video, especially when shared upon these mediums. If you knew you could get an engagement of some sort from an extra 100 people every day for your business, then you would jump at the opportunity. Video helps you do just that.

With over 55% of the UK’s population using the different options of Social Media channel available, the possible reach you have with video is incredible. One thing I do feel I need to point out though is that video isn’t just something you can do once and leave alone, it becomes an essential part of your marketing strategy, turning up every week, relentlessly with your message and engaging with those potential clients /customers. I know that this relentless approach works and we use the same strategy in our Digital TrailBlazer Lead Generation product here at Yomp. We use the power of video to create thought provocative content and publish this across your current marketing streams and help you to get in front of the ‘Digital United Kingdom’ that has been established.

One thing to keep in mind… if you were 12 months in to the future, would you have read this article, or be watching it?

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