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Written by Richard Woods
October 5th, 2016

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August 2016 – Lead Generation Report

Month synopsis by – Richard Woods, Managing Director of Yomp Marketing

Each month we add up all of the business enquiries we generate for our clients (Leads) and discuss in detail the highlights, areas to improve and award a stand out campaign.

*NB: The leads we generate are primarily for high end business services and therefore a client who receives 20 hot targeted leads may consider this a good month. A good example is for our Recruitment or Accounting clients who are delighted with circa 20 – 30 good quality leads.

Executive Summary

Its holiday time in Europe and as a result August is always a strange month for many businesses. The time away from the business can do two things:

  1. It creates a drop in leads as many people are not at work
  2. It can have some strange spikes for the right type of promotions as many people are in research mode from the sun longer

For this reason, we switch a number of campaigns to more thought leadership based and information giving as opposed to trying to sell, sell, sell.

This has worked really well for a number of campaigns and we are delighted with the month overall.

August 2016 Monthly Leads

The top level result was:
August 2016 = 1,247 Leads*


Our property clients all had good months in August, which leads me to believe that many people consider their investment portfolio during the summer as they are able to take some time away to reflect where they are financially.

One Investments deserves a mention for some excellent engaging thought leadership work, especially within the Commuter Belt Property Investment asset class. Their YouTube channel also received some great audience engagement

We also had a good month for a number of our Red Diesel supplier clients as one of their main customers are building site, which get a lot more work done during the summer because of favourable working conditions.

Areas To Improve

A few clients found that the summer thought leadership style blogs and video worked well for casual sunbed browsers, but there were a number of industry events that for some clients we could have piggybacked content upon and gained even more eyeballs and attention for our clients.

To take this concept forward we will start to add industry events into our Content Calendars and make sure we schedule some specific content around this.

How did Yomp do?

At Yomp we also put ourselves onto a Digital TrailBlazer Campaign – We call it ‘drinking our own Kool-Aid!’ and in August we launched our 30 Leads in 30 Days Challenge as our thought leadership InfoSwap.

The idea is that we help businesses to generate 30 more enquiries for their business within 30 days for FREE.

The way we help is via one email a day, from me, to them, with actionable tips, tricks and tasks for 30 days. They then implement the action points (which takes no more than 30 minutes a day, usually less). Then they sit back and watch the leads flow in.

So as it was a launch month we were delighted to see the success, which came through Facebook advertising (boosted posts mainly) and also through an email marketing campaign to our database.

We also create a landing page with a simple video. Why not check it out here:

Total Yomp Leads for the month was as follows:

30 Leads in 30 Days Campaign = 166
Other Campaigns = 27

It was a very good month and we were all delighted with the launch

Stand Out Lead Generation Campaign

The Campaign that gets the honour of best campaign is Urba-Life’s Southampton Student Accommodation Campaign, which went from strength to strength to entice a volume of new students into their private student halls in Southampton.

Their PPC campaign mixed with an SEO build up from months of hard work at the start of 2016 paid dividends with 400% increase in leads in August then at the start of the year.

The Months Conclusion

Very pleasing progress, we want to now push quickly towards our target of 2,000 leads in a month by the end of 2016.

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