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Advanced Measurement – The Latest Facebook Ads Tool

‘Advanced Measurement’ with Atlas – the latest addition to be rolled to the Facebook Advertising platform. On Tuesday (14th March 2017), Facebook announced that it is going to be rolling out the new addition across the whole advertising platform to all of its customers, not just the ones who are spending a certain amount on ad campaigns each week / month.

The launch of ‘Advanced Measurement’ comes following criticism of the Facebook Ads platform and the way that the ads are measured and Facebook themselves admitting that they have delivered incorrect data on their metrics a number of times recently. The new addition will allow advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their adverts in their campaigns versus how they perform on other applications and competitor websites. Something that I’m sure everyone is screaming out for.

In a publication by Facebook, they say “The fragmentation of digital media has made it difficult for marketers to get a complete view of audiences across devices. In fact, 82% of marketers say they are constantly searching for new tools to help optimize their cross-device advertising strategies” [source]. And with this they are working on developing tools to be able to solve the problem.

"What we’ve done is taken the nuts and bolts of what Atlas can do and put it in an interface that’s available to tens or hundreds of thousands of marketers who are potentially less sophisticated but also the very sophisticated ones."

Scott Shapiro - Facebook

The platform will soon allow users to use Advanced Measurement to assess which platforms — such as Facebook, Instagram, search, or display ads on Google had the greatest engagement levels or delivered a greater ROI for their advertising campaigns.  The tool will be available to users via the Business Manager section of Facebook.

The availability of cross-platform statistics and transparency is an exciting prospect for all users of the platform and I believe it shows the dedication and investment that Facebook is putting in to the advertising platform.

I’m yet to have the chance to deep dive in to the new platform and give feedback on the data that you can access, the UX and more, but as soon as I get the chance, i’ll be sure to report on here.

You can read more about how Facebook Advertising is important for your business in my blog post HERE or if you have any questions about the Facebook Advertising platform, you can get in touch with me on Facebook and/or Twitter


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