Written by Richard Woods
June 28th, 2011


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A Guide to Effective Link Building

If you are here chances are that you have finally realized the importance of good link building. Inbound links can become an indispensible commodity to marketing websites.

The importance of Implementing Inbound Link Strategies

Your clients are making a mistake if they don’t take the liberty of carrying out structured link strategies every day. As far as I know most people do understand it’s important with some of them actually implementing it. However, everything goes down the drain when most don’t take the time to do anything about it at all.

Think of it this way. No search engine will even think of giving you a favourable rank if you don’t give them a reason to. Unless your website does not have exceptional content, validity and provide visitors with something that engages their fancy it is not eligible enough to get a proper rank. These are the things that you should seriously consider before building up on your inbound linking strategy.

SEO Tips and Tricks

These tips might come in handy if you are not sure where to start:

A little Rivalry can go a Long Way

One of the first things that you should do, and one that happens to be one of my personal favourites, is to find out how you fare with any potential rivals. By this I mean that you should keep tabs on what type of users link up to them as well as other linking tactics. You can start with going for ones that are ahead of you in terms of rank and the word or phrases that you are planning to optimize for.

Determine where you are

It is important to figure out where you stand in regards to your SEO status. This might range from rankings, status, key words and site linking. Having an idea of where you stand and need to get to can go a long way in upping your rank. If regular checkups are not your thing it is better that you resort to them at least once every week. You will want to know if your inbound links are holding up on search engines.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

Providing users with quality content like comment sections can be a great way to reel in potential users. Keep your targeted audience in mind. Search engines also usually make visitors go for sites that have eye catching content. You can also develop your own unique content and ask other sites to advertise it. Interesting back links might also encourage users to visit your blog.

Keep Tabs on other Links

Your SEO inbound linking escapades can also be boosted if you analyse other inbound links that have made it on your web site. Create a proper anchor text that corresponds to your chosen key word. For instance informing a site to anchor your URL with the phrase Boost search Rankings can give your site a leg up on the competition.

Unfortunately no one resorts to reciprocal linking anymore, a fact which I found out the hard way. On the flip side one way linking is making waves. You can also acquire this by a 3 way link. Don’t get it? Think of it this way.  You can barter links with other websites by doing it on a proxy 3rdand not your original. Multi faceted one way links can have users link up to your website anyway.

A Word to the Wise

Before you get riled up and start thinking of building copious amounts of inbound links to your website think again. Google does not take kindly to sites with trigger happy link building habits. Therefore it is better that you start off by including 3 to 5 quality links instead every week. Remember, it is always better to take it slow.

You may be the anxious type, looking to build hundreds or even thousands of inbound links to your website(s) in the next 48 hours – DON’T DO IT! Although I successfully did this in the past, Google is penalizing sites who are too fast out of the gate when it comes to link building. You should look to ad 3 – 5 quality links to your site on a weekly basis. Slow and steady wins the race.

You can look up more SEO strategies at “SEO Made Simple: Strategies for Dominating the World’s Largest Search Engine

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