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Richard Woods - Yomp Marketing

Richard Woods – Managing Director

Our Philosophy

We bring the following principles to everything we do for our clients

Innovation Innovation Innovation

In a fast developing online world, we keep our clients at the cutting edge of return producing marketing technologies and strategies

Thought Leadership

To attract leads like a magnet, you have to demonstrate that you are the go to person / business in your industry. We create the environment and facilitate the delivery of your message

Be Relentless

You cannot be an online flash in the pan, you have to turn up every day with a unique message and brand story. On average it takes 7 points of contact to generate a hot lead

Measure Everything

What gets measured gets improved. We focus on predictable lead generation and track everything that makes that happen, we then improve it every month

Your success is Our Success

The better we do, the better you do and the better you do, the better we do. Relationships are everything to us. We help you Stand out, be inspiring and make a difference

Meet The Team

Yomp is a family of happy, dynamic and most of all talented individuals. We love working on meaningful challenges, using a combination of proven techniques, creativity and innovation.

Richard Woods

Richard Woods

Managing Director

Richard is an award winning entrepreneur, BBC's The Apprentice finalist and keynote speaker. His book Digital TrailBlazer went to #1 UK Best Seller

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Tim Woods

Tim Woods


Tim is the Co-Founder of Yomp Marketing. His core belief is to harness innovation to achieve the very best from the digital media era for our clients

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Hannah Baby Photo Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron

Campaign Manager

Hannah has a passion for creating inspiring, forward thinking campaigns. Trained in fashion journalism, she has a keen eye for the written word

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Geri Baby Photo Geri Soni

Geri Soni

Campaign Manager

Geri is entrepreneurial at heart and enjoys understanding what makes each of his clients tick, then relentlessly driving lead generation for them

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Jess Cote Jess Cote

Jess Cote

Campaign Manager

Jess has a great eye for design and loves to produce beautiful campaigns. Having studied art extensively, she uses this creative flair for her clients

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